Best bars in Williamsburg New York City on Sunday evening (US)

Williamsburg New York City United States real-time guide to finding the perfect bar based on crowd levels on Sunday evening - Avoid empty bars & enjoy the perfect night out at the popular times. Red colors indicate the busiest hours, while green the most quiet hours. Adjust the filters to find your ideal venue.

Basik (Bar)
323 Graham Ave

Basik is most popular around 8 PM on Sundays. It's most quiet on Wednesdays.

A Williamsburg bar that marks the return of the drinking establishment as a "public house" - a relaxing gathering place where friends and neighbors congregate over flowing drinks and pleasant fare

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Lady Jay's (Bar)
633 Grand St

Visitors usually stay 1-2,5 hours here.

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Crystal Lake Brooklyn (Bar)
647 Grand St

Crystal Lake Brooklyn is most popular around 9 PM on Sundays. It's most quiet on Tuesdays.

Classically styled bar, restaurant and event space. Great for events, live performances, dinner, drinks and weddings. Seasonal cocktail menus and great food options.

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Second Chance Saloon (Bar)
659 Grand St
Minami Lounge (Bar)
299 S 4th St

Minami Lounge is most popular around 7 PM on Sundays. It's most quiet on Mondays.

We're a Japanese restaurant offering sushi, ramen noodle soup, poke bowls, bbq grill and brunch sundays. We have a full bar and lounge space. A chill, laidback, vintagey, sunroom space. With customized handmade vintage decor. There's 3 facades open completely to the street - you can feel the warm breeze on your face. Lots of antique pieces, reclaimed wood dining tables and bar counter. Unique chandeliers, soft yellow lighting. Brick walls.We host all types of private events.

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